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With this plan, you get access to the core features of aiKnow, allowing you to integrate your data sources, perform advanced analytics, and visualize insights.

Monthly subscription





This plan caters to growing businesses that require more scalability and advanced analytics capabilities. In addition to the core features, this plan offers enhanced functionality and increased storage capacity.

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UP TO 10


For larger enterprises we offer customizable plans tailored to your specific needs. We will work closely with you to understand your data analytics requirements and provide a solution that aligns with your business.

Monthly subscription




API Integration Offer

API Integration Offer provides businesses with the opportunity to seamlessly integrate aiKnow’s powerful data insights and operation capabilities into their existing systems and applications. Contact us and find out which applications support our API.

Monthly subscription


No matter the size of your business. Our pricing plans ensure that you can access the advanced analytics capabilities of aiKnow while maintaining cost efficiency and scalability. Feel free to reach out to our team to further explore the plans and find the best fit for your organization’s needs.

aiKnow pricing FAQ: your questions answered

Absolutely! We understand that every business has unique needs and requirements. If none of our pre-defined pricing plans align perfectly with your specific needs, we are more than happy to work with you to create a customized plan that meets your requirements. Our team will collaborate closely with you to understand your objectives, data volumes, user requirements, and any additional features or services you may need. Please contact our sales team to discuss your customized plan, and we will provide you with a personalized quote tailored to your business.
Yes, the integration fee is a one-time flat fee that covers the initial setup and integration of aiKnow with your existing data systems. It ensures a seamless connection and data synchronization for efficient analysis.
The integration fee and monthly subscription cover the core costs of using aiKnow. However, additional customization, support, or advanced training services may incur separate charges. Our team will work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and provide transparent pricing details for any additional services.
Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your pricing plan at any time based on your evolving business needs. Please reach out to our support team, and they will guide you through the process.
Each pricing plan has a predefined limit on the number of users included. If you require additional user licenses, you can discuss your needs with our team, and they will provide you with the available options and pricing.
No, aiKnow offers flexible monthly subscription plans without any long-term commitment or contract. You can cancel your subscription at any time, but please note that the integration fee is non-refundable.
Our pricing plans include standard technical support to address any product-related issues or questions you may have. For more extensive support needs or dedicated account management, additional support packages are available at an extra cost. Please inquire with our team for further details.

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